Necessary Evils

March 5, 2011

Well this looks interesting.  It’s a documentary about punk rock guys growing up to be fathers and watching their whole lives change.  Suddenly they have to reconcile a fiercely independent lifestyle with a responsibility to look after their kids.  In a world drowned in complications, one of these things does not exist with the other.  Does it?

Buying a house means getting a mortgage, which means having a good credit rating.  Going for a check up means having health insurance, which means wading through reams of paperwork.  Let’s not even think about taxes.

They don’t make it easy.  The problem is that slogging through that bureaucratic mess is often the best option because it’s what people expect.  You can buy a house or pay a dentist with cash, but you might have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t get suspicious.  That, or you have to go to the bank all the time to get more piles of money.  Why bother when you can get a little white card with a bunch of numbers explaining everything?  This is my plan, this is my copay, give me my bubblegum toothpaste.  So you start with the basics and before long you’re a fully integrated member of the system.  The hated, awful, backwards system.  Something has gone very wrong.

And you’re stuck with it for the sake of your kids.  Well crap, the movie seems to say, what do we do now?

I have no idea.  I couldn’t tell my kids to play it safe.  I did.  The results are not bad, but not great.  It’s nowhere near as much fun as taking the stage to pound out some music.  It’s just easier to be in the system if you’ve never been out.  There are no gaps to fill.  Just a bumper sticker that says, “I’d rather be crowdsurfing”.

It’s a rat’s nest.  I’ll be interested to hear what the guys in the movie have to say.  The premier is at SXSW.  For now the website doesn’t list any other screenings, but I’m sure there will be more.

Use this to unravel the knots in your head:




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