September 25, 2010

I’ve been practicing all week, and despite years of dabbling with one instrument or another, me reading music goes a bit like this:

Eyes: “First measure: E, F, D, C, G”

Brain: “Hmmm…” (a 3 or 4 second pause)

Fingers: “We’re wai-ting.”

Brain: “Ok, I’m getting there.” (keeps thinking)

Fingers: “Hey!  Hey Boss!  You still alive up there?  Orders, please.”

Brain, deliberately: “Open first string, first finger first string, third finger second string…first finger second string, open third string.”

Fingers, in a mild but slightly disdainful voice: “Thank you.”

Brain: “I did it!”  (dances, holding fists side by side and moving them in a circle in front of her from left to right, with a little bounce)  “Woohoo, oh yeah.”

Eyes, rolling: “Right, here comes the next measure.  Ready?”

Brain: “When is my coffee break?”

Trials of patience aside, it has been a fun week.  I can play some simple melodies now with only the occasional cloinggg as I hit the wrong string.  Once I remembered that my first and second fingers are different things, I even managed to play a D flat.  Until then I was resolutely plunking away using the finger position for C and wondering why it was wrong.  Earth to brain, come in please!

Anyway, the next step is to make the melodies more fluid.  If I ever end up on stage someday, “ploink ploink ploink” won’t cut it.  But it’s coming from my very own guitar, so it sounds just great to me.


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