August 28, 2010

A quick tangent:

More exciting Bad Religion news!  They’re playing 3 shows at Irving Plaza (NYC) in October.  Each show will focus on one decade of the band’s career, from How Could Hell be Any Worse? to No Control and so on.  The last night, the 27th, will have songs from New America to the present.  If they’re serious about New America, that one is going to be unbelievably cool.  Tickets go on sale today, August 28th at noon. (via The BR Page).

In other news, how the hell is it almost September already?  The light falls at angles even in the early afternoon, a tell-tale sign of the end of the summer.  Time to start going back to work, back to school, back inside.

I won’t be going anywhere.  I’ll stay right here where I’ve been the whole time, looking for ways to break the pattern.  As if to give me a shove “Better Than This” popped up on my ipod earlier.  It startles me how much it always rings true.  You would think I could have made some progress by now, but treading water is one of my great talents.

It’s also catastrophically boring.  True, Everest wasn’t climbed in a day, but it will never be climbed if I stay at base camp.  First task: quit mixing metaphors.  Not all combinations are as good as peanut butter and chocolate.


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