Null Gravity

June 24, 2010

“Do you like music?”



It was a perfectly simple question, but it stalled my brain completely.  There was too much to explain in one answer.  It’s my lifeblood?  It has taught me things about the world and myself that I really needed to hear?  I would go crazy in the silence without it?  In the end all I said was, “It’s something that speaks to me.”  Funny how knowing something and being able to articulate it are two different things.

I know that I love music the way I know the sky is above my head.  That’s the way it is and the only way it’s supposed to be.  If the horizon flipped over I wouldn’t know what to think.  I describe this place as “putting words to my fascination with music” because I’m still finding the words.  Today reminded me how far I haven’t come.

Not that I plan to give up.  I watched The Runaways on a plane the other day and it made me fall in love with music all over again, especially the soundtrack.  I’ll just turn the mic over to Suzi Quatro for a minute:

That’s why I love music.  All the songs that kick, scream, punch and hack their way through the bullshit to say something.  Even if that something is just “Hello, world.  Get out of my way.”  They make you feel unstoppable.  Who can argue with that?


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