May 16, 2010

A week from today I will graduate from college.  That idea does not fit in my head no matter which way I turn it.  It’s like playing tetris underwater with a two by four.  Before it was just a vague thing that was happening next spring, when they schedule it.  Now it’s within a specifically quantifiable amount of time.  I feed that in to the ol’ processor and the message comes back in green pixelated letters: does not compute.  A gentler way of saying “you must be crazy”.

Well I am, a little, but not about that.  I remember sitting in my 5th grade graduation listening to a speech by a girl who had just finished high school.  She kept talking about college.  College?  I had only just figured out going to middle school.  This girl was light years ahead of me.  And yet here I am, beyond even that point.

It’s a funny thing, starting a phase of life that ten years ago I couldn’t imagine.  I guess I got old when I wasn’t looking.  Rest assured I won’t start quoting “Good Riddance”.  It’s called that for a reason.  What does keep running through my head is that line from “Waiting”, the one that goes “It’s too late, ready or not all”.

Because it is.  You can’t drive halfway off a cliff and then panic about the force of gravity.  Not unless you’re a Looney Tunes character with great hang time.  Sometimes you get thrown in the middle of something and you just have to deal with it.  That’s a game I have never been very good at.  I like to be prepared for things.  To know exactly how much something will cost before I pay for it, exactly when something will start so I know to be awake.  Real life is not so accommodating.  It likes to chuck things at you and see how many you can catch.  Bonus points for corralling the elephant.

So I’ll just climb into this little catapult next week, launch and use the rapidly approaching tops of trees to see where I’m headed.  (Sorry, metaphors are 5 cents a pound this week).  It could be fun.  It could be a complete disaster.  We shall see.  Provided I can find my flight goggles.


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