For You

November 11, 2009

Nobody really knows who you are.  You’ve broken hearts and set the world on fire.  Down the rabbit hole and back again you’ve wandered, chugging through the miles between here and there.  You’ve seen wastelands that would put even the desert to shame.  You’ve spun out of control in that awful white space where the walls give no context, quarter or time.  You’ve fallen in love with thousands.  They have showed you more joy than you ever dared imagine, to help with the pain you never forgot.  You’ve traced footsteps over schoolyard haunts, watching across time as something made the world break in half.  You’ve led rallies on a rampage until your very lungs hurt from screaming.  You’ve said a wrenching goodbye and waited, waited for them to come back.  You are all and none of us dancing just out of reach.  We give you our faces, the ones that surround our lives.  You have borne it all as a matter of course without a thought of abandonment.  In return we give you the strange quiet glory of the one behind the scenes.  We lay bare our admiration because we know you deserve it.  That’s why they always say “This one’s for you”.


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