August 5, 2009

At work the other day I saw a kid wearing a Joey Ramone t shirt.  I wanted to say, “Nice shirt!,” but I didn’t think he’d believe that I knew who Joey Ramone was, or that I had just been listening to “Don’t Worry About Me” on my break.  I probably succeeded in being more weird by subtly trying to figure out what it said under Joey’s picture than I would have been if I had just said something.  I am an idiot.

Still.  This means there is hope.  There is a kid in my disgustingly Vineyard Vines flavored town who listens to Joey Ramone, and probably the Ramones as well.  Combined with the kids who wandered around the high school a few years ago in studded jackets and giant purple mohawks, that makes about 6.  Seven including me.  By 2200 or so we might draw even with the Dave Matthews devotees.

This is important to me because around here it’s easy to feel like the only punk fan out there.  In a way it’s okay, because punk rock is my thing.  I use it to separate myself from the Dave Matthews-loving hordes because I have always wanted to prove that this town is not entirely what people think it is.  My friends and I do not drive BMW X5s given to us on our 19th birthday.  (The original one having been wrapped around a telephone pole three weeks after we turned 16).  We do not go shopping every weekend at Chanel.  Yet most of the world seems to think we do, and that makes me a little defensive.  When I first got to college almost  every admission of my hometown was met with “Oh”.  By bucking every stereotype I can find, I hope to turn that into an expression of pleasant surprise, rather than an indication of mild disgust.  I probably take this much too seriously.  In the end I just want to fit in, just a little bit.

In the back of my mind I would have loved to grow up in a place like 924 Gilman Street or CBGB.  Maybe I’m hoping that someday someone will start a club like that here.  Hell, if I win the lottery, I’ll do it. Until then I’ll quietly keep an eye out.  The Ramones are the first step (since they started it all).  Next comes the Clash.


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