Color Me Delighted

February 2, 2009

I won’t listen to Bob Dylan.  I can’t for fear my ears will secede from my head and march off to nowhere.  He writes some great songs, but his voice drives me up the wall.  It kills me that he does it on purpose.  Why?

Anyway, given that starting point, I wasn’t sure what to think about My Chemical Romance covering Dylan’s song “Desolation Row” for the Watchmen movie.  But I hunted down a video, and guess what?

It’s.  fucking. awesome.  Sometimes the playground-safe words don’t cut it.  I thought Green Day was the only band who could make me love a song I otherwise won’t touch.  Not anymore!  So go watch it.  Quick, before Warner throws a hissy fit about copyright again.

*UPDATE* The official MCR site has the video now, so the link goes over there.  Sweet.


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