Irreverence: The Musical

December 6, 2008

There was a meme going around a while ago that asked you to create a soundtrack to your life.  They supply the moment, you supply the tune.  The problem is, none of those moments really apply to me.  I’ve always been unconventional.  My parents used to joke that I was born early because I couldn’t wait to get out there and live.  So I decided to create my own kind of soundtrack.  May I present ramble’s Irreverence Spectacular, a collision of life and song.

  • When I was born: “Get Off Of My Cloud”- The Rolling Stones

The only Stones song I like.  It’s bouncy and ever so slightly obnoxious, just like me.  I don’t take the proverbial stage often, but when I do I want it to be known.  Otherwise, how I can I yell, “Hi mom!”?

That said, if I do get my own cloud, I’m throwing a party and everyone’s invited.  Gotta spread the fluffy floating wealth.

  • Elementary School: “Here Comes the Sun”- The Beatles

The Beatles were one of the first bands I learned to love, and “Here Comes the Sun” is still my favorite track of theirs.  It never fails to make me happy.  Also one of the songs that made me want to learn guitar.

  • Middle School: “My Brain Hurts”- Screeching Weasel

I had never heard of Screeching Weasel in middle school, but I wish I had.  It was my first exposure to girls who would not step foot outside without three different kinds of makeup on.  In 7th grade.  I considered it an achievement if I had done my hair.  If that weren’t enough, you were not cool unless you had Adidas shell-toe sneakers with colored stripes on the sides.  I did not, and I can’t believe I still remember that.  Middle school was a minefield.

  • Freshman Year of High School: “Sudden Death in Carolina”- Brand New

I learned to love this song because my brother played it almost daily as we drove to school.  He used to go on comic tirades against the other drivers just to make me laugh.  At the end of the year I almost didn’t want him to graduate.

  • Sophomore Year of High School: “My Immortal”- Evanescence

I was captivated by this song.  I had never heard anything so sad, so poignant and yet so strangely soothing.

  • Junior Year of High School: “Jesus of Suburbia”- Green Day

The beginning of my fascination with Green Day.  Five different tempos in one song, combined with lyrics I could actually relate to, just blew my mind.  It was (and is) in heavy rotation on my ipod.

  • Senior Year of High School: “I Wanna be Sedated”- The Ramones

Insanity start to finish.  I was suddenly supposed to know what  I wanted to Do With My Life.  While taking AP tests, making some big changes and coping with the death of my grandmother.  Pass the ketamine, please.

  • Freshman Year of College: “Welcome to Paradise”- Green Day (the Kerplunk! version, because I feel like being picky)

I’m free!  Oh crap, what now?  Loads of fun, loads of uncertainty, loads of learning to stand on my own two feet…and do laundry.  I admit it.

  • Sophomore Year of College: “Stranger than Fiction”- Bad Religion

I started seriously getting into punk.  I followed a whim way too far and pulled back in the nick of time.  Actually I did it a few times before I learned.  I started to get frustrated with the backwards and convoluted process I call decision-making.  Luckily I tend to end up in the right place in spite of myself.

  • This year (junior year so far): “Coral Fang”- The Distillers

Still perpetually confused, though things have been straightening out here and there.  Trying not to be so hesitant about everything.  That and I love Brody Dalle’s voice.

  • Personal Theme Song of the Moment (subject to constant change): “Don’t Stop Me Now”- Queen

‘Cause I’m having a good time….I couldn’t resist.  This makes me so happy.

That’s me.  How about you?  What songs would you want on the soundtrack to your life?



  1. Wow. This is a good post. I loved it.
    I shall reply in a post… with the soundtrack of mine.
    But this post reminded me how much I’ve loved “Here comes the sun”. And the Beatles. And the Rolling Stones. Wow. Thank you.
    (I think I’ve been wowized)

  2. You’re welcome. Thank you. I’m glad you liked it :).

  3. Loved this!

    I’m a huge fan of the 60s/70s classic rock so I like pretty much anything from that period. But The Beatles are an absolute favourite – it’s amazing how diverse their music is, right from Please Please Me to Let it Be they’ve covered probably everything from pop to psychedelic rock.

    You know, music has such a great effect on mood. Like, listening to ‘Here Comes the Sun’ makes me cheerful too. =D It has something to do with that acoustic riff. George was really underrated =[

    So a soundtrack can be composed of circumstance, mood and choice.

    Stones, Ramones, Queen, Bad Religion all good stuff.
    I guess mine would all be primarily composed of Pink Floyd or Led Zepp, they both have a song for everything 😛

  4. Thank you :).

    It really is amazing what music can do.

    Floyd and Zepp…great stuff. I adore “Wish you Were Here”.

  5. Yar! It’s one of my favourites by Floyd. But it’s hardly their best.

    Have you listened to ‘Green is the Colour’? It’s really obscure, not even from a standard studio album, but a soundtrack they did for the film ‘More’. I tell you, that song is the most beautiful thing ever created by humanity.

  6. Ooo, it sounds amazing. I’m running off to youtube to check it out! 🙂

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