Some Kind of Balance

December 1, 2008

There’s a soft mist in the air tonight, suffused by the pinkish orange glow of streetlamps.  It doesn’t feel damp or clingy.  It just exists, filling the spaces between people and things.  It’s there without making a point of its presence but it isn’t obviously hovering.  That’s something I need to work on.  I seem to alternate between being very noticeable (thank you klutziness) and completely invisible.  Wandering about on that zen middle ground is hard to pull off.

I tend to aim for it by blasting music, which really just shoves the silence back in on my own head.  I’ve come to see it’s a very bad idea.

It does come in handy on public transport though.  Screaming child, meet My Chemical Romance.  Guess who wins?



  1. Thoughts popping into my mind: we are all alone; it’s foggy, yet it’s so clear. I used to listen to Alanis Morisette (You oghta know) in these moments. Too bad that Jagged little pill is her only enjoyable album. Maybe that’s all she had to tell to the world. The rest is… hm, shakedown maybe? Anyway, I’m listening. An unplugged concert (which she had, and it was good) can hold surprises.
    I like this sentence: “There’s a soft mist in the air tonight, suffused by the pinkish orange glow of streetlamps.” Poetic, indeed. Sometime you should include “neon lights”. I’d die for that :o)

  2. I agree, everything after Jagged Little Pill made me wonder why she bothered.

    Thank you :). I bet neon lights would have looked really pretty in the mist. There’s an image.

  3. Don’t get me serious. I’m a joke anyway. I am. I mean it. ;o)
    However including those neon lights would make me happy :o)
    “I want you to know,
    that I’m happy for you…”
    Wow, she was hurt, wasn’t she?

  4. I know :).

    She was. I guess that’s where they get stuff like “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

  5. Yeah. Music requires emotions. (Not EMOs, though :o) )
    Extreme, lurid emotions. Maybe that’s the thing missing from all her other albums…

  6. You’re right. Without emotions music would be boring. Emotions other than “ack, I’m so angsty” that is :). I think that is what’s missing.

  7. A common denominator. Boiling down stuff to the basics… again. :o)

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