Sneak Attack

November 19, 2008

I had a meeting with my professor today.  He said he was surprised that I was so forthright in my paper, because I never talk in class.  He wasn’t expecting me to be so opinionated.  I was flattered, but it was also funny.  I had no idea my blue-eyed innocence was so convincing.  I need to steal the clip from that cruise ship commercial.  Just as a guy is about to putt, an airhorn blast makes him jump in the air.  His friend chortles, “Oooh!  Wasn’t expecting the horn!”

I might be quiet, but that doesn’t mean I’m just taking up space.  I do have a brain somewhere in this head.  I know.  Get to the point, woman!  People like to say that music is just noise.  Some of it, like techno, really is.  But most of it is a lot more complex than that.  If you bother to listen.  Sometimes I want to hand people my ipod and say, “Here.  Pay attention.  Notice the bassline?  The lyrics?  That is not just noise, leaf raking guy.  That is sonic beauty.”  And then keep walking down the street.  Cranking tunes and blowing minds- all in a day’s work.



  1. Reading your writings, I’m surprised that your professor was surprised. The quiet ones are always the brighter ones – I thought everybody knows that.
    And I couldn’t agree more with you on techno too. Genre: noise. :o)

  2. Thanks :). Maybe the last class I’ll come up with a brilliant insight and knock his socks off.

    So glad someone agrees with me about techno- it’s such a waste of soundwaves.

  3. Jozef is right, the quiet ones are always the brighter ones. Intelligence doesn’t manifest itself in the number of times you raise your hand to answer in class; it has to do with the framework of the mind. I would say the greatest intelligence is acknowledging your potential and knowing your limits.

    Ah, I know the feeling too, walking up to folks and demanding them to listen to a particular song. The awesomeness of it is so complete, it cannot be contained within, but has to leap out and be shared ^_^

  4. “I would say the greatest intelligence is acknowledging your potential and knowing your limits”

    Nicely put! You have such a way with words.

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who wants to hijack people’s headphones :).

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