Take a Bow

November 16, 2008

I never realized until this weekend how much I love Queen.  I’ve listened to “The Show Must Go On” six times in the past two days.  There’s something about knowing that Freddie recorded that vocal while deathly ill that inspires me to just hunker down and write my research paper.  Freddie’s singing is always stunning, but the fact that he could exude his trademark emotion even when sick makes it that much more impressive.  I can’t tell the difference between “The Show Must Go On” and “Don’t Stop Me Now”.  Pneumonia?   What pneumonia?

Freddie has a captivating voice.  The way he soars through the chorus of “Who wants to live forever?”, it’s as if the sound is going through me.  The volume is incredible, but more than that is the sheer force behind the words.  It’s not a song so much as a declaration.  He’s belting out some of his dearly held beliefs in the hopes that other people will believe them too.

It’s impossible to just listen to Queen.  That would be too passive.  You get sucked in and held there until Freddie feels like letting you go.  The words may not seem profound on paper, but filtered through his pipes they’re practically gospel.  It’s a quality that few people possess, and it’s a shame Freddie’s time was so short.

So maybe I don’t love Queen.  Maybe I just love Freddie, with respect for the rest because they were a package deal.  Either way, I know I love the music.  And now back to your regularly scheduled paper writing.  I want to break free…



  1. We almost have the same taste in music o_O

    I loved your description of Queen, Freddie’s voice is really unique, such a brilliant range!

    I still remember the first time I heard ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, it caught me off guard and I listened to it like thirty or forty times straight. ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ is quite possibly my favourite Queen song; Freddie nails the vocals on that one, and the overall ‘feel’ of the song, the lyrics (…”forever is our today”) and that ‘declaration’, as you put it – all add up to this intense, honest piece of music that just makes you stop dead in your tracks everytime you listen to it. Also, Brian May is an absolute genius, shame he’s so underrated =[
    btw, have you heard ’39? It’s an underrated classic, really great lyrics and has pretty guitarwork by Brian.

  2. o_O indeed. Cool!

    I just love songs that stop you in your tracks.

    Brian May really should get more respect. I’ve never heard ’39, I’ll have to check it out. Yay, new music!

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