Lightning Strike

November 15, 2008

I had the intro to “This is How I Disappear” stuck in my head today, and as I walked I imagined the song surrounding me, reverberating from the high brick walls of the townhouses.  Almost as if My Chemical Romance were playing it live.  I’ve always wanted to walk in a bubble of music.  Not to draw attention to myself.  Far from it.  I’m fascinated by the way a sound can fill a space until it seems alive.  Fueled by the rhythm, everything seems more exciting.  It’s like pure adrenaline sent straight to my brain.

It just makes me happy.  Too often I walk around mentally bemoaning the thousand little things that tick me off.  Class at 9:15 am, papers, rain, forgetting my coat.  As soon as I turn on music, those thoughts vanish.  I’m too busy feeling a riff fizz beautifully through my ears to bother whining.  In seconds I go from dragging my feet to fighting the urge toward air guitar.  I lost the battle once, listening to “Letterbomb” by Green Day.  In a hallway full of people.

Truthfully I didn’t care.  The music was electrifying, a force I couldn’t ignore.  It’s impossible to contain that much energy.

I’d probably tire of my bubble at some point, but it would be worth it just for that thrill.  Like having a concert suspended in time, ready if I needed a fix.  It’s the kind of thing I live for.

Why yes, I am a tad strange.


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