Mad Scientist Music

October 26, 2008

I love Bad Religion.  Too often punk gets written off as loud, obnoxious, and dumb.  Bad Religion are anything but dumb (the same applies to most punk, but that’s another story).  The first time I heard “21st Century Digital Boy” I was amazed at how accurate it was.  When it was released in 1994 it must have seemed downright prophetic.  Especially the line, “I don’t know how to read but I got a lot of toys”.  My generation invented “aimspeak” because they were too lazy to type actual words.  If that weren’t enough, someone wrote a whole series of books using that excuse for a language.

Given all that, it makes me really happy that Bad Religion still know how to actually use their brains.  I don’t mean to be a snob.  It just that lyrics like

“If I could only get the tools, the stimuli and

molecules, frozen moments in time

I could be the archetype, a credit to the

genotype, reprogram your mind” **

are fascinating.  They make me think about how, if they had the right triggers, scientists probably could tweak our genes.  They could get rid of whatever they thought was useless or unevolved and create a whole new type of human.  I think that’s a powerful argument for using your brain, because if you don’t, someone else will be all over you in a minute.  The last thing I want to be is a guinea pig.  Dumb things can be fun, there’s no denying that.  I’m just glad Bad Religion is around to remind me to stay on my toes.  That way, if the clone armies do attack, I’ll be prepared.  If I’m not too busy singing along.

**from “The Grand Delusion” on New Maps of Hell


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