October 17, 2008

Sometimes I just need music.  I can feel it in the back of my mind, making me tense and scrunched.  I don’t even want a particular song.  I just want the sounds, to get lost in.  The music means the voice in my head isn’t me for once, and it’s wonderful.

I like being in that kind of mood because I end up listening to totally random strings of songs.  Normally, Basia Bulat wouldn’t segue into My Chemical Romance, but just now it worked.  The constant flow is soothing, even if the styles of music clash more than polka dots and paisley.  It’s like putting songs in a kaleidoscope and watching them tumble around to create a pattern.  For once I’m not flipping through my collection being picky.  It’s almost worth the lack of sleep.  Music rules.


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