Bring on the Marshmallows

August 14, 2008

What is it that I find so comforting about apocalyptic disaster music? A lot of the music I listen to falls into this category, and logically it should be depressing. Instead it rules. There’s a certain amount of calmness that comes from getting perspective, which a song about a city engulfed in flames can definitely give you. But that’s not what makes this kind of music good.

I think what does make a difference is the fact that the songs are honest. If you think about it, there are a lot of things in the world that need serious work. Singing about cities falling apart is exaggerated. It’s not really going to happen, but it gives you the idea. Sometimes just acknowledging that life is screwed up helps. Especially now that you get awards just for participating, because anything else would irrevocably destroy your self esteem. Any more sugar coating and I’m going to gag.

It’s awful to be overprotected, and worse to have people pretend everything is fine when an amoeba could tell it isn’t. It almost makes you feel like you’re the crazy one. So I love my songs about cities burning and zombies rising and things getting flipped upside down. Hey, a “nation under dog” could be a lot of fun.


One comment

  1. Seriously, I prefer “the world is ending, we’re all gonna die” to “my love, you fell from up above” ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. I want my music to mean something, otherwise it feels kind of pointless.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pop tune as much as the next girl, but something with substance wins out pretty much all the time.

    I was reading your latest post, about punk? I’ve kind of just tentaviley discovered it, mainly through The Misfits. So far, so good! I just wish more people here listened to it; everyone I know just thinks it’s death music and gives me concerned looks. Sigh.

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