Spaceships and Jellyfish

August 7, 2008

“And I know I can’t explain the commotion in my brain.  Like a terrifying reality deconstructed quite inadequately, all gets pointed in the same direction while the human masses and their vague conceptions obliterate each other with impunity, and you wonder, “what’s in this for me?”

from “To Another Abyss” by Bad Religion

I wrote this down because it was stuck in my head, and the more I think about it the more it makes a lot of sense.  I can spend forever trying to understand something without the slightest result.  It’s as if I’ve been given an alien spaceship to analyze.  I can take it apart and mess around with it and see how it all fits together but I can’t explain it.  I might accidentaly reassemble it backwards.  It would still look like a spaceship but it wouldn’t be going anywhere.  Maybe that’s the problem with being human; you can think too much.  You don’t see jellyfish freaking out what other jellyfish meant to imply.  Not that I’m advocating evolution in reverse.  I’ve been a chimpanzee and I can tell you it’s no fun.  Just kidding.  It’s just nice to know even someone with a PhD can be stumped.


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