MCR isn’t to Blame

June 2, 2008

Let’s get one thing straight: My Chemical Romance is not emo. In fact, Gerard Way has been quoted as saying “Emo is shit”. Nor is MCR the leaders of a death cult or some twisted thing. Quite the opposite. They are known for saving people’s lives, not enticing them to suicide. There was an article in Spin magazine a few years ago about the phenomenon. Look on any MCR fan site, and you can find testimonials from fans who had literally written their suicide notes before the music made them change their minds. Even at the last show of their most recent tour, Gerard ended by repeating, “If we never play another show, keep yourselves alive”. (for a review see my earlier post). They went so far as to post a message on their official website expressing their sympathy for Hannah Bond’s family and encouraging anyone who might be suicidal to get help. It’s tradition for parents to be shocked at what their kids are listening to. That’s part of the fun. But blaming My Chemical Romance for a girl’s suicide just because she happened to be a fan is going too far. Their music is not the reason she killed herself, and to say so is misinformed and frankly, ridiculous. Similarly, disliking their music is no reason to hold MCR responsible for her suicide. Hannah and My Chemical Romance deserve to be treated with respect. This circus over supposed death cults needs to stop.


One comment

  1. I totally agree, mostly because I’m one of the people whose life was saved. Seriously, I was going through an incredibly shitty time and…. well yeah, Famous Last Words helped me keep it together. I’m not looking for sympathy or anything, I just want people to know that the notion of a band saving a life is plausible. And I think that it’s so awesome the way that MCR cares so much about their fans, they aren’t like your average rock band who just seem to be in it for the fame and fortune.
    How people can hate MCR, I don’t know. All you have to do is listen to their music to see how fantastic they are!
    Thanks for this post!

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