Green Day Rules

May 31, 2008

Green Day is my favorite band. Ever. I started listening to them when American Idiot came out. I had heard Boulevard of Broken Dreams and loved it, and even though I had no idea about the rest of the album (5 part songs? What?) I decided to buy it. I’m incredibly glad I did. When I listened to it for the first time, my jaw hit the floor and stayed there for ages after the last notes of “Whatsername” had faded. I couldn’t believe it. I had found a whole new kind of music that actually meant something to me and that I could relate to. For someone who got their start listening to the Backstreet Boys, this stuff was mind-blowing.

I kept playing American Idiot incessantly. Eventually it occurred to me that I should find out about Green Day’s other albums, in case AI ever got old. Warning was a surprise, but imagine my delight when I got to “Waiting” and realized it was the same song I heard on the radio years ago and loved without ever knowing whose it was. It just got better with “Macy’s Day Parade,” which almost made me cry it was so beautiful. At that point I knew I had stumbled onto something great.

I worked backwards through Nimrod, Insomniac, and the rest, finding new things to love every time. My favorite part was that each album had a different feel. Billie Joe and the boys never strayed from a general style, but they never made the same record twice either. I’m now the proud owner of every Green Day album from 39/Smooth to American Idiot, and I still enjoy listening to all of them. That in itself is an accomplishment. Every time I think I know a song inside and out, I catch the chorus of “Hey! Hey!” in the background of “Jesus of Suburbia” or the amazing bass solo in “Worry Rock”. They always find a way to surprise me.

Now, years after I fell in love with American Idiot, I’m anxiously awaiting Green Day’s next album. I try not to have expectations about it, because it doesn’t matter what they do. Even if they decided to write folk music I could find a way to enjoy it (although I hope they don’t take that particular path). All I really want is to see Green Day live, and I can only do that if they go on tour. I’m sure the Foxboro Hot Tubs put on a great show, but I want the real deal. Green Day means more to me than any other band I’ve ever listened to, so a concert of theirs is basically my idea of heaven. Time to start crossing my fingers.



  1. hi!
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    we could speak a lot about music! oh, one another thing: i’m italian, so i don’t know if you’ll understand…bye!!

  2. Hello! Green Day is my favorite band, too!!! and I can relate a lot to what you write about them! Yeah, it’s time to start crossing our fingers… I keep dreaming of the day they will come with the new album and I MUST see them in concert!!! Unfortunately I’ve never been to a show of theirs. Well, I hope we’ll be able to reach our “heaven”!!!
    Bye bye

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